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About Antique Sewing Machines

Take your sewing room decor to a new level by displaying antique sewing machines that not only look good, but that you can actually use as well. For many years, interior decorators have chosen to add antique equipment to homes as part of their decor. You can mimic this style with an old sewing machine and its original sewing table or cabinet. Antique sewing machines can either be hand, foot, or electric operated. An antique hand crank sewing machine operates when you crank the handle or the wheel on it. If you buy one that is operational, you can still use it if you like instead of having it on display. A popular choice is an antique singer sewing machine. The older models from the early 1900s crank by hand, but models from the 1920s and newer are electric. The bodies of Singer machines often have beautiful designs painted on them. The cabinets are often wood, but Singer industrial machines have a cast iron base on them. On eBay, there is a vast selection of antique sewing machines to choose from across many different brands.