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About Antique School Desk

One-room schoolhouses may be designs of the past, but you can bring back the old school look with antique school desks. On eBay, you can look for authentic desks dating back to the late 1800s and the turn of the 20th century. To encourage your young children to sit and study, you may invest in an antique child's school desk. These desks average about 2 to 3 feet high and span about 2 feet in length. An antique school desk of this size works well in small bedrooms or study areas. Most come with accompanying chairs matched proportionately to their size. For a truly old-fashioned look, consider an antique wooden school desk. These school desks come from different types of wood, such as oak, pine, and mahogany. They are heavy and quite sturdy, reminiscent of times when school furniture came from local wood workers rather than commercial brands. These desks often have tops that open, allowing storage of school supplies underneath. Others have fixed tops and large storage drawers, and many have ink well holders. You can find newer models from the 1940s and 1950s in wood, but many come in metal and plastic too. These desks, like their predecessors, contain large flat tops for placing books and writing materials. Some even have convenient ridges for storing pencils and erasers. After selecting, order confidently from reliable sellers for an A-plus shopping experience.

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