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About Antique Purse

Antique handbags are a favorite among fashion hounds because they are both stylish and utilitarian. Most of the purses manufactured before 1920 were made by hand. Handbags from the Edwardian Period (1901 to 1910) are gaining an audience in the retro crowd. Many of these purses feature metal handles and frames, and others are crocheted by hand. The antique beaded purse is made from intricate beaded panels constructed on a loom. The beads form floral or geometric designs, picturesque landscapes, or decorative tassels. Many beaded bags have a drawstring closure and are made to wear on the belt. An antique coin purse can sometimes be worn on the belt, as well. Other coin purses are designed to wear on the arm or fit inside larger handbags. Collectors enjoy the unique look of antique handbags, and many of these bags remain in good condition. Take advantage of the large selection and convenient shipping options on eBay to find these antique treasures.