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About Antique Pitchers

Is there a more elegant item to display than an antique pitcher and bowl set placed at just the right angle on a nightstand? Traditionally used for washing, pitchers and bowls come in a selection of styles on eBay that will complement any décor, modern or vintage. Add a splash of colonial elegance with a white porcelain set hand-painted with green floral designs, or display an art deco black pitcher full of flowers for a contemporary edge. An antique water pitchers can double as interesting vases for table centerpieces or conversation starters at dinner. Imagine your guests’ delight when you pour them a delicious glass of wine from an 1850s Stimpson silver-plated pitcher or the comments you will receive serving cocktails from a 1964 hand-sculpted silver pitcher featuring forest scenes. You could try adding a salt-glazed yellow ware pitcher featuring grazing cows to a kitchen counter display to give the room a rustic farmhouse feel. Display a beautiful antique pitcher and bowl in your home as a display piece or use as a functional item of kitchenware.