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About Antique Pictures

Hannah has loved antiques since she was a little girl and she went antique shopping with her grandmother—now she owns her own shop where she displays vintage china, antique pictures, and old glass atop beautifully carved chests, steamer trunks, tables, and other antique items. To supply her store, Hannah spends her spare time trolling estate sales, flea markets, and online shops such as eBay where she can buy antique picture frames and signs and dishware and much more. She recently purchased an elegant previously owned bubble glass frame. The glass had been broken but she knew of a company that replaces bubble glass, so she ordered a replacement piece and put the antique picture on display. She loves to watch the reaction of people who come in and see something that sparks a memory of their childhood, their parents or grandparents homes. Making memories is what Hannah loves to do, and with each sale, she anticipates that she will be contributing to a special memory of the prospective buyer.