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About Antique Oil Painting

A lovely landscape, a towering city view, or a nuanced still life — nothing attracts interest and sparks the imagination quite like an antique oil painting. The swirls of paint on canvas connect you with the artist and take you back in time. Antique animal oil paintings invite you to study the horses, cows, or dogs depicted in the artwork and wonder if they were painted because of the interest of the artist or because they held a special place in the heart of the owner who commissioned the piece. Period pieces, like antique Victorian oil paintings, allow you to study the people, places, clothing, hairstyles, landscapes, and cityscapes of another era. Selecting an antique oil painting is largely a matter of preference and space. Simply determine the size that works in the space you have available, and find a painting that deals with a subject that interests you. The large inventory of antique oil paintings on eBay makes selecting a painting a fun and engaging treasure hunt.