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About Antique Motorcycles

Whether you call it a "hog," a "bike," or just your ride to work, a true love of the motorcycle lifestyle includes an appreciation for the beasts of today along with the classics of yesteryear. Antique motorcycles date as far back as the late 19th century when steam-powered bikes first became available. Since that time, the development of everyone's favorite two-wheeled powerhouse has led to many models, designs, and classic names. By the First World War, the "motorbike" included far more than steam power, offering up to 550cc four-stroke engines. Mass production of such vehicles by Triumph and Harley-Davidson supplied troops throughout the world with easy transportation in and around bases. After the Great War, the "motorcycle" look common today really took shape and the classic Harley-Davidson began to expand worldwide. Today, an antique Harley-Davidson motorcycle dates back as far as the company's 1903 founding, though anything produced after 1929 is easier to find. Other, more delicate antique motorcycle parts go back as far as the 1880s. Using the sellers on eBay, it is easy to explore the different types of antique motorcycles available to collectors, including memorabilia and toys. The history of the motorcycle is rich and vast, and one peppered with beautiful designs and cutting-edge technology. While the joy of riding a modern-day Harley is hard to ignore, the beauty of the antique motorcycles that precede it are equally fun to own and admire.

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