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About Antique Lamps

With all of the focus on green design and efficiency, it may be time to add some warmth and romance to your home interior with a few selective vintage items. Antique lamps add Old World elegance to any home, and you can find a range of designs that never seem dated if you shop thoughtfully. An Art Deco antique oil lamp goes well in modern interiors, as many elements from this design school survive to this day in modern fixtures and add evening warmth to an otherwise cold-feeling room. Steampunk fans find that Victorian-era antique glass lamps with their intricate design details add credibility to their interior themes. Even primitive design and American classic design devotees can find antique lamps from old school houses and banks; old factory lamps add gravitas to industrial interior spaces. There is a vast inventory on eBay for home decor shoppers, as it brings an entire world of unique and imaginative lamps and light fixtures to any home redecoration plan. When purchasing antiques, it is a good idea to be realistic about your plans. If you are purchasing strictly for visual appeal, consider carefully repaired lamps or those that have been reconstructed from different models. Replicas can offer the best bargains and probably the most reliable function. If you are shopping with an eye to value, invest in a collector's guide to help you in your purchase so you can buy with confidence.