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About Antique Dining Chairs

With their elegant curves, high backrests, and luxuriously soft seats, antique dining chairs give new meaning to sitting pretty. These dining chairs date back to the early 1900s. You can identify their time and place of production by unique features and distinguishing characteristics. The vast inventory available on eBay allows you to peruse a varied collection of antique dining chairs with many items to choose from. Narrow your search by type of wood to match your dining room decor, such as antique mahogany dining chairs or chairs containing oak. You can also search by style, such as antique French dining chairs, products of the 1600s. Similar to preceding chairs in England, only the wealthiest members of French society use these chairs. French chairs feature beautiful hand-painted decorations, as well as swooping, swirling circles and curved lines, emulating the glamor and extravagance of the high society lifestyle. In the United States, similar dining chairs date back to the American colonies circa the year 1700. They merge softer lines, curves, and extravagant designs of French and English dining chairs with preceding American dining chairs, with heavy builds and sharp lines. These newer American chairs often feature tall, slender backs; seats adorned with leather; crested rails; and scrolled Spanish feet.

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