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About Antique Child

Quality antiques that look the same year after year, and remain durable were made or purchased by one generation, used for a while, and then passed on to the next generation, guaranteeing survival. For example, when shopping for antique child items such as a child's rocking chair from the early 1900s, the tiger oak frame is sturdy without any missing pieces and quite naturally shows some wear and tear, but with routine upkeep holds numerous little people for decades to come. Buyers shop for antique chairs that have slatted or cane bottoms, and even rocking gliders for children who enjoy smoother "rides." A working antique sewing machine, available from reliable eBay sellers, may aspire a child to learn how to sew later in life, but in the meantime can be displayed as a family treasure beside other child collectibles, such as clothing, tables, tea sets, wagons, and desks. Feelings of nostalgia seem to go along with owning antique child items. Grab a handkerchief for the misty-eyed moments that accompany watching your antiques depart for new horizons.