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About Antique Canning Jars

You walk into an old rustic lodge and admire the beauty of antique jars and vases lined up on a mantle as historic ornaments. If you are craving to start your own collection of antique canning jars or just want one to display on your kitchen counter, choose from a vast inventory on eBay. In 1858, John L. Mason invented the first canning jar with a screw on lid for easy use. These jars soon became popular and were adapted and manufactured by various companies through the years. Find antique Ball canning jars from the Ball Glass Manufacturing Company with the company's original logo etched in front of the jar, or select an Atlas Lightning jar with a unique metal lid clamp first invented in 1882 by Henry William Putnam. Antique glass canning jars in different hues of blue are among the favorite collectibles while unusual colors like emerald, cobalt, and black are rare specimens. Add more value to your compilation by selecting a larger pint size jar, or simply buy a regular quart size jar to match your already existing ones.