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About Antique Buttons

Buttons precede the snap and zipper, outlast the magnets and Velcro, and outperform the safety pin and duct tape. Initially, antique buttons saw use as decorations rather than as fasteners, as the buttonhole was not invented until hundreds of years after the button. With the vast selection of buttons on eBay, you can continue the tradition of using them as decoration, embellishment, or maybe even as functional fasteners. Vintage buttons come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, which is one of the appealing factors of collecting or crafting with these folk-art collectibles. They are commonly made of cloth, metal, porcelain, wood, glass, or Bakelite. Antique wooden buttons range from simple to meticulously hand-carved or molded. Sometimes you can find wood as accent with mother of pearl or paint. Antique glass buttons are often small works of art glass with hand-blown swirls or depicting scenes detailed with silver or brass. Because many antique buttons are decorative additions from vintage garments, most are detailed, hand-painted, and as beautifully crafted as jewelry. Spruce up a sweater or add a unique touch to your scrapbooking with these miniature works of art.

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