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About Antique Books

The phrase "They do not make them like they used to" is especially true for books in these days of tablet and smartphone reading collections. Antique books have a rich beauty, intricacy, and craftsmanship that can be appreciated as a form of artwork. Until the 20th century, books were a luxury, and the average household's only book was the family Bible. In keeping with this status, old books tend to be bound with leather or thick, heavy fabric, with titles embossed on the spines and covers and sometimes gilded. If you collect antique books, you know they also have a special aroma that comes from the aged paper and the glue holding the pages to the binding. You can use antique children's books to teach your kids about bygone days, when nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and other beloved stories were the main entertainment rather than television. The kids might be surprised that many of the tales are the same ones told today. Antique history books can offer different perspectives on wars and conflicts, and antique collections of farmer's almanacs tell you what the climate was like in the days of your ancestors. To add to your antique book collection, turn to the large inventory on eBay.