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About Antique Amber

Legend has it that the amber jewelry craze came from Russia where women would wear the stones because they supposedly conferred good health and well-being onto the wearer. Whether or not this is true, antique amber jewelry pieces certainly offer some of the finest amber stones ever polished by a jewel-maker's hands. These pieces are at least 100 years old and due to the soft nature of the gemstone, it is miracle that they survive into modern times. Antique Baltic amber is perhaps the most prized version of all amber stones, and while these gems do occur all over the world, it is the Baltic countries that offer some of the finer and rarer shades like Butterscotch amber. The astounding selection of antique amber on eBay offered by reliable sellers in unmatched anywhere else in the world. Choose from a single amber pendant or a long, polished necklace of antique amber beads kept in pristine condition by their former owners. There are even amber earrings and bracelets to make a complete set out of this golden stone once thought to come from the sun.