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About Antique Advertising

Antique advertising offers a display-worthy way to show off your unique finds from years gone by. Many such pieces feature vivid colors or characters, or pay homage to a vision of the future from history past, suitable now as decorative pieces sure to stir up conversation. Antique advertising tins promote everything from coffee, to cookies, to herbal remedies that are no longer on the market. Group a series of themed tins, all featuring antique advertising, to round out the decor in a room, such as spice or cracker tins in a kitchen, or old-fashioned tincture and medical supply tins in a bathroom. Even rarer when it comes to advertising, is the antique advertising display, such as an old countertop display case for candy or baked goods, or a metal rack touting the benefits of a particular battery brand of motor oil. Whether you prefer antique advertising pieces large or small, reliable sellers on eBay offer plenty to choose from.