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About Anti-Glare Glasses

You are driving down the road late at night when suddenly you are blinded by the headlights of a car coming towards you. This scary scenario can best be avoided by wearing anti-glare glasses, which would reduce the halo effect often seen around headlights. These glasses contain a special film coating on the lens that increases the transmission of visible light while eliminating reflected glare. This allows you to see better and reduces the annoyance from oncoming headlights, fluorescent lights, and computer screens. Many anti-glare night driving glasses have yellow lenses because this tint is believed to improve contrast and naturally reduce glare. Those who stare at a screen all day also find that anti-glare computer glasses are a great asset in reducing the strain on tired eyes. These glasses are stylish enough to wear anywhere and they minimize the headache and irritation that can occur from gazing at digital screens for hours on end. A large selection of anti-glare glasses available on eBay makes it easy to find the pair you need to reduce the stress on your eyes.