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About Ansonia Clocks

As one of the premier clock makers of the 19th century and early 20th century, the Ansonia Clock Company produced thousands of clocks in a number of elegant, classic designs. You can recognize Ansonia clocks by the trademark on each clock's face, and there are other ways to identify a genuine Ansonia piece, including a paper label on the back and an Ansonia patent marking on the interior workings of many of the timepieces. Ansonia cast iron clocks enjoy wide popularity thanks to their sturdy materials and heavy weight. You can place sturdy Ansonia clocks anywhere in the home with little fear of damage. Display an Ansonia mantel clock, whether made of cast iron or wood or in an ornate, carved design, in the main area of your home over the fireplace so everyone can see it on the way in and out. You can bring a piece of functional but beautiful antique Americana into your home when you choose from the large inventory of Ansonia clocks available on eBay.