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About Ansel Adams

The captivating photography of Ansel Adams takes all who see it on a scenic journey. His well-known black and white photographs allow us to experience the beauty of many different amazing locales in the United States. Travel to the snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Feel the heat of the steam from Old Faithful as the geyser erupts. Smell the sweet fragrance of the dogwood blossoms. It will be just like traveling throughout the country without ever leaving your home. You can hike the lands of both Yosemite National Park, where Adams focused much of his work. The fine details of his still life work in Ansel Adams books will allow you to even see and feel the dew drops on a photo of a rose. His works relating to World War II Japanese Camps will take you on a trip back in time. Prints, calendars, and photo books, all available from reliable eBay sellers, give you a ticket to experience the beauty of many American landscapes without ever leaving your home.