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About Annalee Santa

The old adage is true — Christmas does only come around once a year. You secretly wish however that you could leave your decorations up all year 'round, especially your Annalee Santa figurines. Your collection is huge, and many have been handed down for generations in your family. You remember the sweet Annalee Santa sleigh sitting proudly in the center of your grandmother's wooden cherry buffet in her elegant dining room. One of your most treasured possessions is the Annalee Santa ornament you received from your mother the year your daughter was born. You know that she will eventually receive that ornament, along with all your other Annalee Santa items, when she has a family of her own. Even though most of your collection was acquired over many years, you are always on the lookout for new pieces. The easiest place to find them is on eBay. Reliable sellers on eBay offer hundreds of these items, so you are sure to find at least one that speaks to your heart.