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About Ann Estelle

With her sleek blonde bob and large, round eyes, Ann Estelle is nothing like the American Girl dolls that have stormed the market, won the hearts of little girls, and ravaged the wallets of those girls' parents. These dolls, designed and produced by the Tonner Doll Company during the decade between 1999 and 2009, are contemporaries of the American Girls, but sought after by collectors for completely different reasons. While American Girl dolls are mass-produced, Tonner dolls are crafted in limited editions. Amateur doll designers covet many dolls, like the ever-popular Ann Estelle and her friends Sophie, Georgia, Grace and Michael. These designers refer to the dolls by their sizes with the smallest being the size 8, the most popular being the size 10, and the largest and rarest being the size 18. These doll designers create specialty clothes, shoes, accessories, and hairstyles for the dolls, and even produce custom dolls by switching out their heads, painting their faces, and replacing their eyes and limbs. The vast inventory on eBay has both original vintage dolls and custom dolls for the casual or serious collector.