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About Ankle Socks

You really want to work out but the blisters on your heel from wearing the wrong kind of socks is keeping you couch bound. Imagine pairing your sneakers with a comfy pair of ankle socks and saying goodbye to sneaker chaffing during your workout. And today's ankle socks are much more versatile and can be worn outside the gym. Women's ankle socks now come in a variety of materials, including lace for those who want a hint of prettiness. There are understated socks too, such as pantyhose-like nudes, which are perfect for workplace pumps and flats. Ankle socks for both men and women are fantastic for sports, as they rest just below the sneaker edge. This means you can run in comfort, without overheating yourself wearing a longer pair of socks. Men's ankle socks tend to come in larger sizes, with thicker materials to accommodate foot size. For guys who prefer to look funky, there are brightly colored and striped options available. Such socks can inject life into your work wear wardrobe, or they can help you stand out at the gym while keeping blisters at bay. You can purchase these socks in new condition from eBay's reliable sellers.