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About Animal Figurines

Whether they come in bulk in a plastic tube, or you first saw them on your grandmother's mantel, animal figurines are a part of almost everyone's childhood. There's just something about playing with miniature animals that appeals to children, and adults, the world over. Admittedly, for most adults the focus changes from playing to collecting, but through it all, the figurines are still there. While animal figurines go back further than pottery, most vintage figurines are much newer, often going back only to the 19th century. Ceramic figurines are usually the focus of most collectors: they combine attractiveness with longevity. Plastic ones are also common, but they tend to lack the glossy finish of high-quality ceramics. There are so many kinds that it's easy to find figurines to match any interest you may have. You can collect dogs, cats, horses, domesticated, and wild animals. For those wanting to start or add to a collection, the place to look is eBay, where you can find every figurine imaginable. Start small, and recapture your childhood.