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About Angry Birds Sets

Who would have thought that the prospect of using a sling shot to propel odd little wingless birds into maniacal-looking pigs would captivate so many audiences across so many platforms? Yet, from video games to toys, the Angry Birds set of characters and their hilarious plot twists continue to fascinate both young and old. Die-hard fans of the Rovio game, which originally debuted on iOS only, have helped propel the brand into a variety of realms. Fans now have the option of playing on Android, Symbian, and Windows systems as well as on PCs and traditional gaming consoles. Plus, as eBay sellers proudly illustrate, there is a large line of Angry Birds toy sets and physical games featuring the characters. Whether you want an Angry Birds plush set for a little one obsessed with your phone or some of the other characters modeled after the different versions, such as holidays or Star Wars, showing a love of these crazy birds and their piggy nemesis is easy and fun.