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About Angel Ornaments

Hark the herald angels sing' The glorious music of Christmas reflects the sparkling beauty of the angel ornaments hung on the floor-to-ceiling tree, topped by the star in the East. From vintage angel ornaments that were hand-blown in Europe, to brightly colored, plastic, Japanese-made angels, the glittering array fills the room with reflected light, generating "oohs" and "aahs" as the children and guests join you in celebrating the holiday season. While some trees carry a variety of ornaments, others focus on the theme of the angels in the heavens. After the holidays, the angels are safely stored in ornament boxes or displayed proudly on shelves. Major crystal manufacturers, such as Gorham, Lenox, Swarovski, and Waterford, produce new crystal angel ornaments in limited editions for collectors as well as the mass market. Angel ornament collectors can search for rare, vintage, and new ornaments for their Christmas decor, depending on the sharp images and detailed descriptions written by reliable sellers on eBay. By using the convenient shipping options, the new angel ornament can soon join her companions on your holiday tree.

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