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About Angel Eyes Headlights

Your car, you say, is about as divine as automobiles get. Searching for the finishing touches, you settle on angel eyes headlights, knowing their unique round circles and halo rings create a truly heavenly look. These headlights come from various brands and car manufacturers. Many only fit specific car models, like the BMW E36 angel eye headlights. These headlights come individually, or in sets of two and four. You can also find them with regular bulbs and long-lasting bulbs like LED lights. These lights contain bright inner bulbs, and derive their name from surrounding halo rings, which give the illusion of a pair of eyes. Some angel eyes headlights feature halogen bulbs, adding a blue light for a unique effect. You can find these lights in clear glass, typically using crystal for shine and transparency. While some car owners use these bulbs to create a vintage look, you can create a sporty, street-style ride using these headlights too. You can equip your Dodge Charger, for instance, with Dodge Charger angel eye headlights. These headlights easily insert into the headlight holders of Dodge Chargers, ensuring a proper fit. On eBay, you can explore the large inventory of angel eyes headlights and find the make that fits your model.