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About Angel Beats

After flipping through all of the channels on your television for the 10th time, you realize that you just are not going to get your television fix by watching western programs. If you are into anime and are looking for that next exciting series to get into, the "Angel Beats" series offers quirky fun and an enthralling plot, complete with drama and intrigue. "Angel Beats" is a 13-episode Japanese anime that is set in a high school that serves as a sort of limbo between the living and the dead. It is here that students must learn to let go of attachments from their previous life before moving on. If this series sound right up your alley, you may want to buy an "Angel Beats" DVD. If you are already a fan of the show, why not buy some "Angel Beats" cosplay gear and dress up? You can find all of this and more on eBay from one of many reliable sellers. Check out "Angel Beats" and learn what this quirky afterlife is all about.