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About Andrew Wyeth

Barren landscapes and plaintive figures are ever-present images in the paintings of American artist Andrew Wyeth. Born in Pennsylvania in 1917, Wyeth eventually affiliated with a group of artists called the American Scene painters, and most of his work featured the landscape, architecture, and residents of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and of Cushing, Maine. Art historians attribute Wyeth's muted palette to the sudden death of his father, killed at a railroad crossing. His works evoke a lonely, melancholy feeling like that displayed in the popular painting, "Christina's World." Captivating viewers for over half a century, this painting portrays a young woman sitting in the grass gazing toward a distant gray house perched on a hill above. Art lovers looking for Andrew Wyeth posters, limited-edition prints, or signed originals enjoy perusing a vast selection on eBay, which includes works like "Master Bedroom," "Pennsylvania Landscape," "New England," and "Beauty Mark." While original paintings often demand a pretty penny, prints offer a more affordable option for decorating interior walls. Whatever painting shoppers choose, Andrew Wyeth's works capture 60 years of intensity and emotion.