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About Andis T Outliner

Do not turn up at the hottest party with a beard like a bird's nest: Groom that goatee, master that moustache, and fix your facial hair with an Andis T-Outliner. Andis is a well-respected company with origins dating back to the early 1920s, producing clippers, trimmers, and other grooming products of the highest standard. Available in black or gray, the T-Outliner is a useful electric trimmer for keeping your beard under control. It is ideal for trimming around the ears and neck and other difficult areas, and the fine cutting teeth of the carbon steel blade ensure a close cut for a smoother finish. The compact and ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, giving you maximum control for the best results, and the powerful magnetic motor runs quietly without generating a lot of heat, allowing you to use the trimmer for dry shaving without causing excessive irritation. Use the Andis T-Outliner, available from the large inventory on eBay, for outlining, fading, shaping, trimming, and shaving; and enjoy having an elegantly groomed and perfectly formed beard.

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