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About Ancient Mew

The secrets of all the Pokemon in the world fall to one being – Ancient Mew. Scientists have scratched their heads and searched far and wide for the legendary Pokemon only to have found this innocent pink psychic feline. The first series of Pokemon was always shrouded in adventure and mystery. The origins of the creatures were kept secret from audiences around the world tuning in to watch Ash Ketchum be the best. Mew made its first appearance as a secret character in the Pokemon video game series. Since then, many cards, promotional items, and movies showcase Mew as the main character. The Ancient Mew card is one of the rarest Pokemon cards to date. The promotional movie edition sealed Ancient Mew is a collectible card designed to look as if it is written in some form of ancient Egyptian writing. Ancient Mew error cards have typos or visible mistakes on the design of the collectible. These little nuisances increase the cards' value and rarity. A large inventory of Ancient Mew cards is available on eBay. Add one of the rarest cards in the Pokemon market to your collection and continue on your journey to catch 'em all.