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About Analyzers

Your kids call you old school because you prefer your multiple component stereo system over their compact portable iPods. What the kids do not realize is that true audiophiles want separate interchangeable pieces, such as a stand-alone analyzer, amplifier, and CD changer, in order to build their systems their way. Despite their comments, they are interested in the jumping colors of your spectrum analyzer and are eager to learn its purpose. You explain to them that the purpose of any audio analyzer is to allow the user to see the sound visually. You show them how each of those moving indicators relates to part of the sound spectrum, and by adjusting each one, you can change your treble, bass, and midrange responses to your liking. When your original analyzer stopped working, you were able to get an even better replacement from one of many reliable sellers on eBay. Instead of watching needles jump like back in the day, you have a big screen spectrum view in a range of RGB colors. Despite what those kids say, you are more in the modern age than they will ever realize.

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