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About Analog to Digital Converters

While clearing out your father's basement, you found a bunch of VCR tapes that turned out to be the records of your happy childhood. To save those dear memories from getting erased along with the crumbling tapes, you need an analog to digital converter to archive them. This converter is a small box that sits between an analog video source such as a VCR player and a digital device such as a PC. A USB analog to digital converter needs no external power supply since it is powered by the USB port of your PC. With this converter, you can record and archive the videos saved on those tapes as digital files on your computer. Usually, a video-editing software is bundled with an analog to digital video converter. Therefore, you can stitch together the videos on multiple tapes into one movie file. Ready to rescue those sweet days of innocence? You can find the analog to digital converter you need among the wide selection of home electronics offered by reliable sellers on eBay.