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About Amish Hats

Amish hats are a necessary component of both men's and women's wardrobes. Featuring a traditional design that is uniform among the Amish community, Amish men's hats typically feature a wide brim and a flat crown. In the colder months, the men opt for felt hats since the material is thick and warm. Black in color, these hats are also worn to church and formal occasions. While working outdoors in the hot summer months, Amish men wear straw hats, as they are sturdy and allow for better air circulation. Women's hats vary slightly in style in different Amish communities, but typically feature a wide straight band in front and a pleated section in the back. They can be made of muslin or wool, and they must be clear of any adornments such as buckles or bows. The wearer's hair must be tucked underneath the bonnet so that none of it shows. If you need an Amish hat for a school play or a Halloween costume, you can find a large inventory on eBay.