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About Amethyst Rings

For power, protection, wisdom, and healing, look no further than the beautiful purple shades in the amethyst ring. This stunning stone is available in a variety of shapes and in shades from lilac to mauve. Made of quartz, amethyst rings carry several powers, including relief from headaches and insomnia. Ancient Egyptians used the famous amethyst to guard against guilty and fearful feelings and as a protection against witchcraft. As a power stone, the amethyst is used as a tool in spiritual and psychological healing and is often worn by Catholic bishops as a source of spiritual wisdom. Healers often choose a sterling silver amethyst ring or necklace piece because it has the power to focus energy and can be used in treating blood and breathing problems. As a window to peaceful nights and calm days that provides a healing focus, a new or used amethyst ring from eBay is a beautiful way to carry protection near the body at all times. Antique amethyst jewelry or a striking vintage amethyst ring can be passed through several generations, protecting one family for decades to come.