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About Amethyst Bracelets

The birthstone for February, amethyst is a deep purple quartz that varies from a slightly pink-looking pale stone to a clear, deep purple. An amethyst bracelet makes a great gift because the stone polishes up to a high brilliance and looks lovely in almost any setting. For instance, an amethyst tennis bracelet on eBay may come as small stones in yellow gold, brilliantly sparkling in white gold, or heart-shaped in a silver setting. Of course, you can find this stone in a bead form, often strung together with silver for an attractive but not quite as brilliant look. Some reputable sellers even offer a green amethyst bracelet, which is also a colored quartz known as prasiolite. Although found in nature, many prasiolite and citrine stones are actually amethysts that have undergone heat treatment. Either way, an amethyst bracelet comes in new and pre-owned condition with many available styles. So add some color to your baubles with a selection of amethyst jewelry for that extra sparkle without the diamond expense.

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