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About Amethyst

The distinctive violet color and transparency of amethyst have made it the most prized quartz in the world, and civilizations throughout history have sought gemstones made from the mineral for their natural beauty. Reliable sellers on eBay make it easy to locate great pieces of this jewelry for any occasion. Amethyst rings are especially popular, and these items may feature gold, white gold, or sterling silver. Similarly, you can find an amethyst pendant or earrings in a variety of styles. If you enjoy the look without any metal, look for bead necklaces and bracelets. Or, for a twist on the typical look, browse listings for green amethyst, formally known as prasiolite. This quartz shares many of the same physical characteristics as its violet counterpart, but in shades of green and blue. The quartz in its natural state is also quite beautiful, and amethyst crystal clusters are excellent for display in a home. Whether it is your birthstone or you simply enjoy the timeless appeal of the violet quartz, amethyst jewelry is the perfect complement to any wardrobe.