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About American Indian

Whether you've just discovered there's a bit of Native America in you, or you're fascinated by North American history, you can a great deal about America's oldest citizens when you begin a collection of American Indian artifacts. Of course, one of the most popular items to collect is the arrowhead. Made from a variety of stones, arrows were the weapon of choice even as far back as the Stone Age. Beautiful artwork created by Native Americans tells the story of their ancestors and lives, and each tribe has its own distinctive traditions. Native American bead work makes for another lovely addition to a collection. As with other crafts, each tribe had its own customs, beliefs, and traditions that are often seen the pieces you collect. It's not uncommon for experts to be able to identify a tribe's handiwork just by looking at the design. This is true whether you are looking at artwork, pottery, or other textiles. Reliable sellers on eBay offer authentic pieces of history as well as replicas and modern-day works. Skip the history books and learn about the American Indian peoples through their own handiwork.