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About American Girl McKenna

American Girl doll, McKenna, was the toy company's 2012 Girl of the Year, and ever since, the doll has been a favorite for little girls everywhere. The 18-inch doll has blue eyes and light brown hair, and her story represents strength and determination. In addition to the clothes and accessories that you can buy for her, she is featured in her own books and stars in a movie on DVD called "An American Girl, McKenna Shoots for the Stars," all of which are part of a vast inventory available on eBay of items related to the doll. In the books and movie, McKenna is a competitive gymnast, so most of the items available for her reflect this, including a set of uneven bars and her gymnast team gear with a medal. The doll's original outfit includes leggings, a striped dress, shoes, underwear, and a headband, and she also comes with a paperback book when purchased new. The American Girl doll, McKenna's, body is cloth, and her head and limbs are vinyl. If you have a little gymnast or American Girl fan in your life, this doll is a must-have.