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About American Girl Doll Kanani

In 2011, the American Girl doll Kanani became the company's Girl of the Year. According to the paperback book, "Aloha, Kanani," that comes with her, she is a happy Hawaiian girl who loves to share the island's aloha spirit. Kanani is 18 inches tall and has hazel eyes and long, curly brown hair. Her body is made of cloth, while her head, arms, and legs are made from soft vinyl. The doll comes with a long blue floral dress, a hibiscus flower to wear in her hair, a Hawaiian-style necklace made of kukui nuts, blue sandals, and cotton underwear. In addition to her original clothing and book, you can purchase a number of other outfits and accessories for the American Girl doll Kanani. They include a shaved ice stand, a hula girl outfit, Kanani's pet dog, several beach and Hawaiian-style American Girl doll Kanani clothes, a paddleboard set, a lounge chair, a ukulele, and the American Girl Kanani doll book "Good Job, Kanani." A large inventory is available on eBay. If you have a little one who loves American Girl dolls, you can't go wrong by welcoming Kanani into your home.