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Sleek, sexy, fitted, and flared: American Eagle Artist jeans hug your body in all the right places. Go dark with an indigo wash for an evening out, or go light and vintage for zipping around town. Stretch and super stretch options are ideal for women on the move who refuse to sacrifice fashion for comfort. Create a style masterpiece with the perfect pair of AE Artist jeans.

About American Eagle Artist Jeans

There's nothing quite like pulling on the perfect pair of jeans that feel just right. Low- or high-waisted and form-fitting, American Eagle Artist jeans are ideal for petite women who want something sleek and sexy to complete their ensembles. Putting lackluster slacks to shame, American Eagle Artist jeans are slimmed at the knees and angle out to softly flared leg openings. Two round buttons situated above the zipper add to the recognizable style. For less flare, Artist crop jeans have a smaller leg opening but still sit low on the hips. Collect all the washes, from classic medium and bright medium authentic to dark indigo wash and even vintage. When you're in need of some flexibility, Artist stretch jeans have all of the give without sacrificing style. Whether going dark or light, fashion-forward dressers can pair the jeans with a pair of stylish boots that enhance the slender legs. Start your hunt for a pair of American Eagle Artist jeans, and find the perfect blend of fit and flare among the large inventory of options on eBay.