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About America The Beautiful 5 Oz

Quarters displaying the wonders of beautiful National Parks are one thing, but having a larger version would sure make it easier to see all the details. With the America The Beautiful 5 oz. silver coins, that is exactly the opportunity that you have. Each coin is five full ounces of silver, which makes it about as large as the palm of your hand. On eBay, you can find individual coins or you can find an America The Beautiful 5 oz. set, so you can enjoy multiple coins rather than just one. While the front of each coin looks just like a Washington quarter, the reverse displays a special image unique to each state. The 2012 America The Beautiful 5 oz. Hawaii coin, for example, shows majestic Kilauea Volcano erupting. The best part is that the America The Beautiful 5 oz. coins are not a finished series yet. There are more coins to come, and you can collect them all.

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