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About AMC Javelin

American Motors is well-remembered for their quirky economy cars, such as the Gremlin. In 1968, however, they threw their proverbial hat into the pony car ring with the AMC Javelin. With a design inspired by the unapologetic AMX, this car is a formidable match for the Mustang and Camaro of the late 1960s. The car features an optional 6.4-liter V8 engine, producing 315 pavement-rending horsepower. The distinctive serpentine front end and rear window spoiler make sure that none of that power is wasted. Interestingly, the car featured one of the early manual-automatic hybrid transmissions. The driver could choose an automatic drive setting, or they could simply use the push-button dashboard controls to manually change gears. The Javelin is also one of the few cars of the time to emphasize safety features, such as three-point seatbelts. This quality endears many families to the car. While some of the more notable muscle cars receive more adoration from enthusiasts, the AMC Javelin is a darling of many collectors. Because of this, a large variety of accessories, parts, and even the car itself can be found on eBay.