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About AMC

There was a time when American automotive engineering thought big, thought loud, and thought fast. AMC, the American Motors Corporation, produced some of the most distinctively American cars on the market. Classics like the AMC Pacer with its 5.0L V8 engine and then-futuristic Jetsons-esque aesthetic have endured on the fringes of automobile collections throughout America, in part thanks to their easy modification into serviceable drag cars. Others, like the AMC Marlin, an Ambassador-chassis vehicle with a sleek, powerful muscle car aesthetic and a pillar-less hardtop that heavily influenced the styles of the day, remain bona fide classics in their own right and command the attention of dealers and collectors from all corners of the country. You can find these cars on eBay offered by qualified sellers who keep their fingers on the pulse in terms of collectible classic cars and who offer affordable shipping options to buyers everywhere. AMC makes cars that define the American automotive spirit, labors of love that do not mince around the issue of their power and presence on the road.