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About Amber Necklaces

For many years, you have treasured the amber necklace that your husband gave you to mark your first anniversary, and as the years have passed, you have thought about purchasing more of these extravagant pieces of jewelry, but until recently hadn’t found anything that caught your eye. Then, out of nowhere, a friend of yours came to a dinner party wearing a butterscotch amber necklace, and the light amber eggshell colors combined with the darker shades of butterscotch mesmerized you. When you asked her where she had found such a gorgeous piece, she told you that she purchased it on eBay. As soon as you visited the site, you were excited to see that all of their reliable sellers offered great deals on a vast selection of jewelry, and you found a unique piece that just seemed to call your name. This Baltic amber teething necklace featured genuine natural honey baroque round beads on a stunning sterling silver chain. You snapped it up as soon as you could, and after trying it on, you decided to pair it with your favorite brown suit to wear to work the next morning.