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About Amber - Jewelry & Watches

Once prescribed for everything from headaches to arthritis, to heart problems, amber has long been a go-to solution for doctors trying to cure common ailments. In the Far East Amber is a symbol of courage and is believed to bring a sunny disposition. Whether you believe that or not, an amber necklace is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection. Amber stones in varying shades woven together create an impressive display against a little black dress. An amber pendant, sewn in various shades amongst silver and gold settings looks beautiful and attracts attention. Sometimes ground down to be used in medicines and perfumes, just the scent of amber can make a difference in your life. Find amber charms, necklaces, and pendants on eBay. Their large selection ensures that you will find a piece that suits your personality. Enjoy the healing properties and good fortune that amber brings into your life.