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About Amazonite

Before today, you had never seen amazonite stones before, but when your friend came to work wearing that beautiful pair of amazonite earrings, you were mesmerized. The sterling silver square-cut genuine amazonite dangle earrings were in a lovely teal green color that looked amazing against her silky brown hair. When you told your friend you loved her jewelry, she shared with you that she had found them on eBay. She also told you that the reliable sellers there have a vast selection of amazonite jewelry, which has been reputed to inspire confidence and has been called, "the hope stone." That evening after dinner, you decide to investigate eBay yourself to find your own hope stone, and you end up locating a gorgeous amazonite pendant that will match your auburn hair perfectly. The hand-carved peacock is a beautiful multi-color amazonite pendant carved from the finest 100 percent genuine high-quality amazonite stone, and its creative design is based on the stone's natural color. When the piece arrives, you can barely contain your excitement as you put the new treasure on a genuine silver necklace and place it around your neck.