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About Alvin Sterling

Bad servants are accused of stealing the silver, good sons and daughters inherit the family silver, while people with questionable reputations are not worth setting the silver out for a meal. Silver flatware was often used as a way to show social class and stature since its invention and rise to popularity in the 1400s. Alvin sterling silver flatware, in particular, is very popular and highly sought after by collectors. Alvin Silver Company opened its doors in the late 19th century, basing its headquarters in New Jersey until 1895, and then moving the company to New York. After the move, the company focused on historical patterns for its products. At that time, the company focused on the Colonial patterns, putting it in direct competition with Gorham, who bought the company in 1928. This means that trusted resellers are the only way to get original pieces, like the sterling Alvin French Scroll pattern, one of the company’s most collected patterns. Along with flatware, you can also find pieces from the company’s fine line of hollowware, such as Alvin sterling bowls that are very popular with collectors. Using the reliable sellers on eBay, you can search thousands of options in a variety of conditions to find that piece you have been missing or buy a whole collection of Alvin sterling silver flatware.

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