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About Aluminum Square Tubing

The shiny aluminum square tubing, lightweight and yet strong, stacks neatly in the corner, ready for the next project. Whether you are building your own lightweight travel trailer or making repairs to a structure, vehicle, or boat, there is an extruded aluminum square tubing ready for your needs. Because aluminum is resistant to corrosion, it is suitable for applications where galvanized metals or steel would rust or corrode. Inventors, machinists, builders, and contractors look to reliable sellers on eBay and their vast array of listings for aluminum tubing, from lots of 1 1/4-inch aluminum square tubes to a single 4-inch aluminum square tube. The descriptions detailing the exterior size, thickness of the wall, and length of the tubing as well as the specific aluminum alloy make it easy for you to select the best tubing for your needs. The convenient shipping options deliver the aluminum to your doorstep, ready for you to proceed with your latest project.