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About Alpine Type R 12

If you are passionate about the way your car audio sounds, you are most definitely interested in finding the highest quality speakers on the market to make part of your comprehensive sound system. The one name that stands above the rest when it comes to car audio is Alpine and that is why the Alpine type R12 speaker is one of the most popular anywhere. Boasting 1000 watts of pure power, this 12-inch subwoofer has what it takes to put a thump in your chest and a rattle in your head with mind-boggling beat. The seamless and attractive design of the Alpine type R12 makes them the ideal addition to a custom-made speaker box and look good no matter where you out them. With durable wiring designed to carry continuous current, heavy PVC construction, and a durable base, these speakers have a construction that will last for the long haul. Making your dreams of the ultimate sound experience while riding on down the highway mush easier with Alpine speakers that is part of the large inventory on eBay.

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