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About Alpine Subwoofers

High-end speaker components paired with quality design is what Alpine subwoofers offer the audiophile. In the world of automotive sound systems, a few names stand out above the rest. The Alpine Type R brings next generation audio construction to create high power output in a compact design. The SWR-1242D 12-inch Alpine subwoofers are a prime example of this, with up to 1500 watts of RMS power from a single speaker. That equals up to 3000 watts of RMS power from dual speakers for a level of power found in few such devices of equal size. And the Alpine subwoofers are not alone; Alpine gives you options for a versatile sound system with a full range of auto speakers, from door units to satellite speakers. When you shop the new, used, and refurbished items from the reliable sellers on eBay, you will find the combination of value and quality that you need. Grab a few speakers today, and have an awesome new stereo system up and running tomorrow.

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