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About Alpacasso

You want a unique stuffed animal for the kid who already has a whole menagerie of them on her bed. Look no further than the Alpacasso, the latest plushie craze from Japan. Each authentic model is a baby, kid, or grown sized plushie designed to look like an alpaca, although the occasional llama makes an appearance, recognizable by its long ears. The dolls are pastel colored with white faces and usually have some kind of accessory, such as a bow or hat. The rainbow Alpacasso is an exception to the accessory rule, but its adorable multicolored pastel striping with pink paws and ears makes accessories superfluous. The big Alpacassos range in size from about 15 inches to 20 inches, with size being the only real difference between the kid and baby designs. Sometimes called Arpakasso, the dolls have a velvety soft exterior fabric stuffed with polyester fiber. One of the pink plushes features a blue bird perched on its head and a felt flower applique on the chest, while another wears a baby blue scarf and matching earmuffs. You can find these styles and more among the vast inventory on eBay.